Just ONE click and the robot waiter will come to you.

We are excited to announce that our robot waiter (365Robot) now supports “one-button call” function. Once the one-button call button is clicked, the robot will walk toward the calling place autonomously. The function could be applied in the following scenarios, including but not limited to:

  • Restaurant Scene : Use for Plate Recycling
  • Hospital Nursing Scene : Wellness Services Call
  • Exhibition Hall & Museum Scene : Exhibits Introduction
  • Factory Scene : Product Parts Delivery

Let’s see how can the “one-button call” feature on the robot waiter help the restaurant?

1. Increase the work efficiency

The robot waiter can cover more tables and serve more customers while humans are busy or during the peak hour. With the one-button call feature, the robot can quickly respond to customer requests, minimizing the waiting times and also increasing efficiency in the restaurant. Also, the staff can call the robot to assist them when they need to collect the dirty plate or cutlery back to the washing area. The robot waiter is able to carry up to 40kg of items and this is much more efficient than human. 

2. Reduce the restaurant operation costs

Hiring and training a human waiter can be more expensive than hiring a robot waiter. For 365Robot’s robot waiters, it is not only used for serving food, it can also be a receptionist and promoter. Now the robot waiters are upgrading to have one-button call features which brings more features to the robot waiter and the restaurant can reduce the number of human servers needed, which can save more costs in the long run.

3. Improve customer satisfaction

With the one-button call feature, customers can easily summon the robot waiter when they need assistance or service, without having to wave or shout for a human server’s attention. This can improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction, as customers can receive prompt service when they need it.

4. Enhance the safety

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, minimizing human contact has become a top priority for many businesses. Robot waiters with one-button call features can help minimize contact between customers and human servers, reducing the risk of transmission and enhancing safety in the restaurant.

The new upgrade feature for our robot waiter – “one-button call” feature is able to help restaurants increase the work efficiency, reduce staff workload, reduce the operation cost, improve customer satisfaction and also enhance safety for both customer and staff. Robots will not replace humans, but they will assist us to work smarter and more efficiently. If you are interested, kindly contact/book demo with us and we are going to show you how our robot waiters can assist you to achieve the benefits above!