#1 Humanoid Robot Barista

The World’s Smartest Coffee Solution Innovation

Introduction of Robot Barista

What make Robot Barista different from general mechanical arm coffee robot? Our Robot Barista is based on millions of data-level visual training, 30,000 hours of robotic arm testing and 3,000 hours of AI learning. Robot Barista can perform complex brewing techniques, such as curves and spirals, with millimeter-level stability and accuracy.

Hardware Features

What Does Robot Barista Bring to Café?

3,000+ hours of machine learning to guarantees refined taste in every cup.

Eye-catching and 360° view of robotic operation naturally appeals to customers.

Robot Barista is efficiently and able to churn out a fresh brew of pour-over coffee every 3 minutes.

Resolves the labor shortage issue and able to work 24/7.

Contactless ordering and pickup to prioritize customer health and safety, adapting your business to the contactless era.

Other Information

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