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#1 Robot Waiter

Excellent in Dish Delivery, Customer Engagement & Marketing

Introduction of Robot Waiter

Why should a restaurant hire Robot Waiter (365Robot) for their restaurant or premises? Implementing robot solutions not only solve the manpower shortage but it is also a cost-effective solution to increase your sales and profit. Also, the Robot Waiter from 365Robot is able to increase the work efficiency as the robot can carry larger loads (up to 40kg) in a single trip, compared to humans. In addition, it may actually bring in more sales and business. The reason is 365Robot is able to broadcast ads at the entrance of restaurants and take initiative to greet customers.

Features of Robot Waiter

See More Clearly & Move Steadily

Robot Waiter’s excellent 3D depth detection ability able to scan the surrounding environment rapidly, and return the sensing signal with zero delay. Excellent in avoid obstacles safely, move steadily, and navigate accurately.

Advanced Dual SLAM Solution

Dual SLAM solution can recognize location markers and will not get lost in the premises. It is able to auto correct the walking route to avoid error of the navigation.

Multi-Robot Cooperation

When multiple robots meet each other in the same premise, they are able to avoid each other autonomously without human intervention according to the priority of the robot number, and move intelligently.

Intelligent Greeting

Robot Waiter supports 5 kinds of tone switching including girl voice, kid voice, funny uncle voice and more. It is excellent in attracting customers, marketing, and able to interact with humans intelligently such as asking for directions, asking for tableware, urging for orders and guidance.

5 Modes in 1 Robot and More to Come...

Delivery Mode
  • Stable delivery service at both fast and slow speed.
  • Able to be paused by touching the screen and destination can be changed during the delivery.
Promotion Mode
  • Greet customers and display advertisements.
  • Able to move around to attract customers.
  • 3 display functions : advertisements, signature dishes and leading functions.
Guidance Mode
  • Lead the customer to the target table.
  • Automatically return to the starting point after leading service complete.
  • Take initiative to greet and ask when human is detected.
Cruise Mode
  • A customized multi-task assistant includes greeting customer, broadcasting promotions and more.
Collection Mode
  • Expert in plate recycling.
  • Whole machine supports a maximum load of 40KG.
  • Can easily recycle more than 5 tables of tableware at one time.

All Scenarios Covered

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