A Smart Robot for Hotel Use

(Hotel Robot)

Automatic Elevator Riding Robot

What 365HotelBot can do?

#1 : Greeting​

Welcome guests at a fixed point and broadcast the greeting script that was set by the hotel.

#2 : Guidance​

Lead the guest to a hotel room or other places such as a restaurant, meeting room and more.

#3 : Delivery

Foods or items can be delivered to the room doorstep and robots will notify guests to pick up the item by calling the room’s phone when it arrives.

#4 : Promoting

The robot will broadcast the ads script and show the ads at the same time.

A Safe and Convenient Robot Delivery Process

Step 1

Guest calls the reception to place an order.

Step 2

Reception received orders and placed items inside the cabinet.

Step 3

365HotelBot departs for delivery and automatically takes the elevator to its destination.

Step 4

365HotelBot calls the rooms’ telephone to inform customers to pick up the order.

What You Can Get From Hotel Robot?

Hotel Guest
  • A timely room service
  • Contactless service to safeness
Hotel Owner
  • Increase revenue
  • Cost savings
Hotel Management
  • Easy to manage
  • Optimization of manpower
  • Better guest satisfaction
Hotel Staff
  • Freedom from errands
  • Reduce work pressure
  • Higher work satisfaction

Other Information

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