Case Study in China : Jin Cheng Xiao Ju

A restaurant in Chengdu, China – Jin Cheng Xiao Ju (锦程小聚) hire a new “waiter” for their restaurant and aim to reduce the workload of their staff. The main vision of the restaurant is to treat staff like family members, so they are looking for a solution to reduce the staff’s workload and at the same time help the staff to develop efficiently in their position. Thus, they choose to hire a robot waiter for their restaurant. 
The restaurant is spacious, hiring a robot waiter not only reduces the workload of employees, it also increases the meal delivery speed and saves the time and energy of staff. So the staff can have more time to focus on serving customers and improve the customers’ dining experience. Robot Waiter is not only used for meal delivery but is also used to welcome customers at the entrance. As their competitors have yet to adopt the robot waiter, the robot waiter with a greeting feature helps the restaurant to improve their service quality and raise their restaurant service level.